Last update: July 21st 2014

Note: unless otherwise stated, all experiences listed take/have taken place in Rome, ITALY

  1. Singing
  2. Other musical experiences
  3. Dancing
  4. Other shows and art workshops

1. Singing (performances and recordings, classes, workshops)

performances and recordings

Founder and singer of the Angelo Mazzotti Trio, with Andrea Gesano on piano and Giampiero Camera on double bass. The shows Homage to CP and La Parola al Jazz have been performed at the Garbatella Jazz Festival and at the Cantina Jazz (2013-today)

Recording of the demo CD Introducing ANKA Vocal Band consisting of four songs including one original track composed by Angelo and arranged by Nicoletta Gervasi.(2013)

Singing of the title song for the italian version of the cartoon series Max and Ruby, together with Priscilla Bei, directed by Angela Citterich (2012)

Recording of the demo CD Verba Volant consisting of four standards and one new release (by Attilio Di Pietro) all of which Angelo has written lyrics to. Angelo sings and Roberto Nicoletti directs and plays guitar. Musicians also include Daniele De Angelis, Damiano Viotti, Mario Alberto Annunziata, Dario Vero and Andrea Gizzi (2011)

Bass singer in the ANKA Vocal Band, a quartet (Angelo A. Mazzotti, Alberto Berettini, Katia Celestino and Nicoletta Gervasi) performing with or without combo songs ranging from swing to pop and tango. Concerts in BeBop Jazz Club, SPMT and Cantina Jazz. (2011-today)

Singer, together with Laura Ximenes and Giada Pietrini, in the OTTOVOLANTE Small Jazz Orchestra, a jazz tentet performing different kinds of music styles, with emphasis on improvisation and original compositions. Members also include Claudio Gabrielli, Giovanni Schiavon, Attilio Di Pietro, Cristina Perone, Ubaldo Baldi, Filippo Triolo and Matteo Raddi. Performances in Cantina Jazz, SPMT and Music Inn (2005-2013)

Singer, vocal bassist, guitar and percussion player in the Dinamic Duo with guitarist Roberto Nicoletti (2009-today)

Singer and guitar player in the theatre shows "Signora e Signorina Siamesi", “Io disobbedisco” and "Il diavolo a quattro" by Sergio Bazzini alone or with the O in CondOtta quartet (on stage in Rome 2009-today)

Participant as singer to the "I Concorso per Cantanti di Big Band Jazz", and performing in the first and second stages (2010)

Singer, guitar player and Tango Argentino dancer - with Madeleine Fry - in the show La Notte del Labirinto by the Art Monastery Project in Calvi in 2009, and again as singer and dancer with Madeleine Fry in 2011

Singer in the Kullack/Mazzotti jazz duo, with guitarist Christian Kullack, performing with contrabass player Ulf Mengersen in Berlin. Recording of a demo CD (2007-2008)

One man band performances as singer and guitarist: Italian, British and American folk, pop and rock music played in streets, clubs, pubs and private parties in Rome, Berlin (Bebop Bar, Petit Laboratoire, Donnerstagsbar), Halle… . Live recording in the Donnerstagsbar in Berlin. (1982 – today)

Bass in the TJ Voices choir (director Giuppi Paone) of the SPMT*, performing in Rome (Palladium, Valle Occupato, Discoteca di Stato, Mercati Traianei...), Scanno, Velletri, Formello, Itri and Berlin (2006 - 2013)

Bass in the Fleeting Glance jazz choir (director Detlef Stanoschefsky) in Berlin (Germany), performing in Berlin, Rome, Stettin (Poland) and Budapest (Hungary) (2007-2011)

Lead singer (as well as percussion and acoustic guitar player) in '80s pop cover band Penta and Tonic, performing in private parties as well as clubs (Fonclea, Coetus Club, Classico Village, Samsara, Etno Club, Lo Sciamano, Arché…). Recording of a demo CD (2000 – 2007)

Bass in amateur choir Todavía Canta (director Raimundo Pereira) performing mostly a cappella music ranging from medieval to modern, from sacred to profane. Concerts in churches and concert halls (2002 – 2010)

Bass in amateur choir A.M.P.E.M. (director Sabina Angelucci) performing mostly baroque music. Concerts in churches and concert halls (1988 – 1993)

Lead singer in student band Dieci e Trenta (1985 – 1986)

Bass in amateur choir C.I.M.A. (director Sergio Siminovich) performing baroque and romantic music. Concerts in churches (1983 – 1986)

Singer and electric bass player in teenager band Misdeeds performing in schools (1982-1983)


Individual singing lessons by Giuppi Paone at the SPMT* (2007 -today)

Attended the classes of Jazz Improvisation 2 and 3 (lecturer Roberto Nicoletti) as singer at the SPMT*, performing at the Casa del Jazz in Rome, Velletri and in Monterotondo (2005 – today)

Attended the class for Jazz Vocalists (lecturer Nino De Rose) at the SPMT* (2005-2006)

Attended the class of Sezioni Ritmiche (lecturer Germano Falcione) at the SPMT* (2005-2006)


Attended Performance workshop with Julie Goell (Jan 2013)

Attended Vocal Jazz workshop with Anita Wardell (Oct 2011 and Nov 2012)

Attended Scat! workshop with Bob Stoloff (Jan 2012)

Attended Circle Song workshop with Albert Hera (May 2011)

Attended Vocal Pop workshop with Diego Caravano (April 2011)

Attended voice workshop (lecturer Ada Montellanico) at the XXVI Roccella Jazz Festival in Roccella, ITALY (Aug 2006)

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2. Other musical experiences

Writing of own songs and lyrics (today)

Lyrics writing for Jazz Standards in English, Italian and German (2009 - today)

Folk guitar playing (1979 – today)

Jazz piano classes with Carlo Cittadini at the SPMT* (2005 – 2011)

Amateur harmonica and percussion player (today)

Organisation of end-of-year concerts in high school in Guidonia (RM), ITALY (1994-1999)

Electric bass playing in teenager bands (1981 – 1983)

Private folk guitar lessons (1979 – 1981)

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3. Dancing (performances, teaching and choreographies, classes and workshops)


Tango Argentino dancing as a single couple with Antonella Raffio or in group choreographies (1996 – 2000):

On national, private and public, TV shows: Domenica In (RAIUNO), Faccia Tosta (RAIUNO), Terno Secco (TMC), Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro (RAITRE) as well as in many other reports shot at the Centro del Tango Argentino "ASTOR PIAZZOLLA"

In theatre shows: Partono i Bastimenti by Eliana Montanari (Teatro Potlach in Fara Sabina (RM)), Horatango  by Eliana Montanari (Teatro Vascello), Città Invisibili  by Pino di Buduo (Castellabate (SA) and Roma), Un Bastimento Carico di Tango by Gustavo Riondet  (rassegna La Cultura del Mito in Pozzuoli (NA))

In various shows in theatres (Olimpico), museums, restaurants,streets, discos (Dancing Zanussi), some of which with live music played by: Massimiliano Pitocco (bandoneon), Fabrizio Pieroni (piano), Marco Zurzolo and his band, Cuartetango

teaching and choreographies

Tango Argentino teaching (1998 – 2000): introductory and beginners classes in various situations, together with Antonella Raffio, among which the Centro del Tango Argentino "ASTOR PIAZZOLLA" (Via Macerata, 9-11 +390670301101), assisting the maestri Alì Namazi and Eliana Montanari, and the IALS

Tango Argentino coreographies, mostly together with Antonella Raffio (1996 – 2000): classic tangos (La Cumparsita, La Yumba, Nueve de Julio...), modern tangos (Meditango, Fracanapa, Ausencias) among which a three dancers act (Fuga y Misterio), and group coreographies (Malajunta, El Marne, Quejas de Bandoneon).

classes and workshops

Tango Argentino:

Classes of tango, milonga, tango vals, tango milonguero and show tango at the Centro del Tango Argentino "ASTOR PIAZZOLLA" founded and directed by Eliana Montanari and Alì Namazi (first Tango Argentino dedicated club and association in Italy) (1994 – 2000)

Tango and milonga workshops (1995 – 1999) with: Miguel Angel Zotto with Gabriel Angiò and Natalia Games (tango, milonga and vals, show tango), Miguel Angel Zotto with Adrian Aragon and Erica Boaglio (tango salon, milonga e vals, show tango), Gabriel Angiò and Natalia Games (tango, milonga), Eduardo Archimbau and Veronica Villasroel (tango club), Eduardo Archimbau and Veronica Villasroel (tango evolution: theory and practice), Gustavo Naveira (tango, milonga), Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega (tango, tango vals), Silvia Vladiminski (theatre-tango)

Classes of tango with Gabriela Entebi (1992), and Sandra Halpern in Stony Brook NY – USA (1992 – 1993)


Class of salsa at the IALS with Virginia Borroto (2004 – 2005)

Swing dance workshop in Berlin (2008)

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4. Other shows and art workshops

Class of circus at "CIRCO MAXIMO" school (2005-2006)

Workshops on improvisation tecniques: from contact improvisation to contemporary dance with Sara Greco

Workshops "Own body in space and music" and "Contact between two bodies and two-people creation" with Sara Greco

Workshops on contemporary theatre-dance, body perception, relation with space and search for the selfperception with Rossana Calistri

Workshop on self-improvisation, with Rossana Calistri

Workshop on the Stanislaski/Strasberg method, with Sergio Leandro Amigo

Theatre-tango workshop for the production of a show, directed by Marisa Marchitelli

"A bridge of principles between theatre and dance", a workshop with Gustavo Riondet

Theatre-tango lessons by Gustavo Riondet

Organising and directing the show "Un suono da marciapiede" at the Teatro de' Servi (June 1992)

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*SPMT is the school Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio of Rome – Via di Monte Testaccio 91 tel.+39065759308