ANKA Vocal Band (since 2011)
Songs (often arranged by Nicoletta Gervasi herself) performed by a vocal quartet with and without combo, ranging from jazz standards to pop or even pieces by Piazzolla.

soprano and arrengements: Nicoletta Gervasi
tenor: Alberto Berettini
alto: Katia Celestino
bass: Angelo Mazzotti
and with
piano: Andrea Terrinoni
e-bass: Germano Falcione
drums: Daniele Massidda

Angelo's jazz trio, featuring standards and original songs with emphasis on scat, vocalese and lyrics.

vocals: Angelo A. Mazzotti
piano: Andrea Gesano
contrabass: Giampiero Camera

Check out the highlights from the concert at the Garbatella Jazz Festival: Angelo Mazzotti Trio @ GJF

A jazz combo directed by Roberto Nicoletti plays standards Angelo has wrote lyrics to. The demo CD is out!

direction and guitar: Roberto Nicoletti
vocals and lyrics: Angelo A. Mazzotti
contrabass: Daniele De Angelis
drums: Damiano Viotti
piano: Mario Alberto Annunziata
saxophone: Andrea Gizzi
guitar: Dario Vero

Jazz singers and musicians play traditional and modern standards, as well as original songs, with emphasis on improvisation.

director: Roberto Nicoletti
voices: Laura Ximenes, Giada Pietrini, Angelo A. Mazzotti
tenor saxophone: Claudio Gabrielli
alto saxophone: Luca Marchioni
guitar: Attilio Di Pietro, Cristina Perone
piano: Ubaldo Baldi
e-bass: Filippo Triolo
drums: Matteo Raddi

Dinamic Duo (since 2009)
Songs ranging from jazz standards, to progressive rock and international pop played and sung with delicacy and flair: the perfect soundtrack for exhibitions and cultural events.

guitars: Roberto Nicoletti
voice, acoustic guitar, percussions, vocal bass: Angelo A. Mazzotti

Angelo A. M. (since 1982)
US songs from the 60s and 70s, Italian songs (listen to audio file), Songs from soundtracks, Songs from Rock Operas and Concept Albums, The Juke-Box program: choice from 100 songs.

Voice, ac. guitar, harmonica

TJVoices (since 2006)
Mixed voices choir, with solo parts, performing arrangements of jazz standards specially written by Giuppi Paone, as well as songs by Bobby McFerrin, Manhattan Transfer, The real Group etc...

director: Giuppi Paone

0 in CondOtta (2009-2010)
The soundtrack to Sergio Bazzini's shows Io Disobbedisco and Il Diavolo a Quattro

voice and guitar: Angelo A. Mazzotti
voice: Giada Pietrini
piano: Andrea Gesano
trumpet: Sergio Bazzini

Fleeting Glance (since 2007)
This Berlin based choir has performed - a-capella or with accompaniement by guitar or jazz combo - more than 90 different pieces, in a more than 22 years long activity, from almost all music styles, ages and themes.

director: Detlef Stanoschefsky

Todav├Ča Canta (2002-2010)
Folk and baroque music, a-capella or with orchestra and solo singers.

director: Raimundo Pereira Martinez

Jazz standards and Italian songs performed in trio

guitar: Christian Kullack
voice: Angelo A. Mazzotti
double bass: Ulf Mengersen

Penta and Tonic (2000-2007)
The best songs from the '80s, from artists such as Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Men at work, INXS, etc... Both to listen and to dance to. All strictly live.

voice and guitar: Angelo A. Mazzotti
guitar: Massimo Greco/Luca Frappola
keyboards: Luigi D'Ettorre
bass: Amin Alhayouti
drums: Stefano Vinciguerra

and also
Misdeeds/More Misdeeds band
Pueschmann/Mazzotti DUO
Greco/Mazzotti DUO
Alhayouti/Greco/Mazzotti TRIO
AMPEM choir
CIMA choir
Dieci e Trenta band

Angelo appeared as guest to
Art Monastery Project (as singer, guitar player, tango dancer)
Arts Academy Choir (as solo singer)
Free Fall Quartet (as singer)
Unconventional Female Jazz Trio (as harmonica player)